Loving Conversations
This workbook was created for couples who want to improve their communication by using the popular Love Languages tool.
Love Languages Workbook
I am an ordained Pastor (39 years) and I specialize in Pre Marital and Marriage Counseling. You will find that my rates are lower than other Therapists or Counselors. I do this so that as many as possible can receive assistance. 
I am a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist, a Counselor with Connected Marriage Counseling and a Certified Counselor with Prepare/Enrich Marriage Counseling. I also am trained in helping those suffering from the trauma of an affair (Post Betrayal Syndrome).
About the Author
Pastor Tom Whitesel
Marriage Coach
“I came to know Pastor Tom after finding out my husband of 28 years has had 2 affairs. He has not only helped me through the trauma that accompanies infidelity, but also learning about myself as a child of the Most High God and understanding more of my husband and his behavior. As I continue to seek Jesus' and Pastor Tom's counsel my hope is rebuilding our marriage and relationship on the solid foundation of Jesus, learn more of how Christ accepts me (the good, bad, and ugly), and perhaps help other couples navigate, heal, and build a solid Christ-centered marriage.”

Jenny colorado
"Pastor Tom was incredibly helpful in me and my girlfriends premarital counseling. We are currently still working with them and the questions that are asked and the homework we have has really encouraged us to look into how we interact with each other and understand each other. 
I highly recommend his counsel for relationships in general."

Marc Maryland
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